Introducing the Folio Mobile Wallet App

The Folio mobile wallet is free to download and use. With our simple interface, your Folio is set-up and ready to securely store your identity documents, banking, membership & loyalty cards in seconds.

Folio uses the latest character recognition software to scan your cards and documents, prefilling all your information and making it a smooth and quick process to transfer to a digital wallet. And in case you want to add notes to a document Folio includes this option. Folio saves all these documents in encrypted format on your phone so they are securely stored and at hand wherever and whenever you are.

Folio can quickly and easily validate your identity using your phone's camera and a single government issued identity document, all from the comfort of your phone without your precious ID documents leaving your hands! Once validated, Folio gives you the freedom to confirm your identity with banks, businesses and governments with a simple press of a button from the Folio app.

Use Folio to confirm the identity of online service provides such as your Airbnb host, Craigslist seller or Taskrabbit tasker. Decide what information you want and send an identity request with just a few clicks in Folio. A simple way to eliminate risk and make your online transactions safer.

Your data is our primary concern. Folio encrypts all your information and saces it directly on your phone. Using multifactor authentication including biometric face matching, Folio ensures that you & only you can access your data, keeping the things most precious to you safe.

Verification requests are also encrypted using public key technology, ensuring that only parties that your authorize can see your information.
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