Digital identity Solutions for Governments

Folio's identity issuance solution provides a scaleable service that delivers a biometrically signed digital ID direct to a citizens smartphone. Wherever your citizens are, reach them with Folio and make identity a right, not a privilege.

The Folio platform provides governments with all the tools to deliver identity verification services that allow citizens to securely and remotely access crucial services. Open up the Folio verification platform to private partners and transform a cost centre to a revenue generator.

Folio's platform is built around security. With multifactor authentication, public key encryption and biometric face matching, our technology ensures that data is safe from data breaches and hackers and identity owners only have access to the services you choose.

ID management by citizens is via our secure digital wallet app. Using their smartphone, citizens can access their identity anytime, anywhere, meaning secure access to critical government services is no longer restricted by physical factors.
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