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Citizen Registration

Identity ecosystem that builds trust and integrity

Digital Identity Issuance

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Identity Verification

Identity verification solutions for public and private sectors

Transform the government / citizen relationship through digital identity

Folio’s digital identity ecosystem allows governments to foster and preserve trust with citizens by offering enhanced privacy for identity transactions. Governments use Folio to put more control in the hands of citizens, be more responsive to citizens needs and reach the citizen more securely, effectively and efficiently.

Drive technology service design from the ‘outside in’

Folio allows governments to move from an ‘inside out’ framework that looks at what is needed in terms of processes, system architecture and KPIs, to an ‘outside in’ methodology that starts with citizen insight and measurement to understand citizens needs, expectations and even feelings

Operate more efficiently and eliminate fraud

The Folio platform enables governments to more effectively deliver their services to citizens and eliminate fraud through secure, accurate and remote identity verification.

Reduce commercial risk and create new revenue streams

The Folio platform significantly reduces the commercial risk associated with transferring to digital identities by eliminating the requirement to invest in equipment or consumables whilst our ecosystem allows governments to generate new incremental revenue streams.

Enable new digital public and private services, improving citizens’ daily life

Easy-to-use digital identity is a key enabler to build a more connected society and enhance digital inclusion. Folio provides a secure digital identity platform that facilitates diversification of new services across the public and private sectors. With Folio it’s simple to develop and deliver new services quickly and securely.

Transform your government / citizen relationship with Folio today.

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Digital Identity Issuance

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