Delivering Integrity and Trust through Digital Identity

Customer Onboarding

Enable new customers to register easily, quickly and securely

Loyalty & Membership Card Issuance

Issue digital membership & loyalty cards direct to customers phones

Identity Verification

Verify identity online incuding KYC and AML instantly and remotely

Reduce fraud and security, improve user experience and optimise conversions

Folio’s digital verification service provides instant, secure and remote omnichannel validation of user identities, providing a superior user experience, simpler service access and mutual trust. This reduces fraud, creating a more secure transactional environment and, ultimately, optimise conversion.

Drive design of technology services from the ‘outside in’

Folio allows businesses to move from an ‘inside out’ framework that looks at what is needed in terms of processes, system architecture and KPIs to an ‘outside in’ methodology that starts with customer insight and measurement to understand their needs, expectations and even feelings.

Issue bespoke identity documents at scale

The Folio platform allows businesses to issue bespoke digital identity documents. Digitally transform access management or your membership or loyalty card schemes, reducing costs and increasing engagement.

Quick and simple onboarding across all digital platforms

Whether you’re on web, mobile or both, integrating the Folio platform is quick and simple with our API, providing a true omnichannel digital identity solution.

Conform with statutory regulations whilst minimising customer friction

Fulfil your KYC and AML obligations whilst minimising user friction, protecting both your institutional and public reputation and improving the customer experience

Embed trust into the fabric of your organization with digital identity

Folio’s digital identity platform helps keep the customer at the center of your relationship, building trust and long-term relationships whilst offering customers security, privacy and control of their data.

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A Platform Overview

Digital Identity Issuance

Digital Identity Verification