About Folio

Our Mission

Trust and integrity are core components of identity transactions but are challenging to establish in a world of data breaches, fraudsters and outdated identity tokens.

Folio’s digital identity platform provides governments, businesses and consumers with an ecosystem that builds trust between parties.

Folio’s solution uses cutting edge biometric authentication, character recognition, multifactor authentication and public key encryption to deliver a secure, accurate and always online service that eliminates the challenges of the current identity ecosystem.

Headquartered in London, the Folio team, led by Tatiana Cogevina, have extensive experience in the delivery of e-voting systems and so saw first hand the difficulties, inefficiencies and segregation that the current identity systems breed. And so the idea of Folio was born – a product that would deliver a simple digital identity solution for governments, businesses and consumers that brings integrity, trust and efficiency to all identity transactions.